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Managing your interim needs has never been easier

All your procedures centralized on our platform. Order, sign and track your missions in the blink of an eye.

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Order with ease

Order your missions in 3 clicks

Job choice

The first step of the order is the choice of the job as well as the address of your establishment.
Illustration presenting the “Choice of job” feature.


Edit in a few seconds complete schedules for your needs and choose the number of temporary workers for the mission.
Illustration presenting the “Planning” feature.

Confirmation and recourse case

Validate your order and the interim recourse case.
Illustration presenting the “Confirmation” feature.

Favorites choice

Your order is validated! You can now choose your favorite temporary workers, they will be contacted first.
Illustration presenting the “Favorites” feature.
Illustration presenting the “Choice of job” feature.
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A secure signature

Sign your contracts electronically

The electronic signature makes it possible to sign missions contracts quickly and securely. Each year, we save millions of liters of water by saving the printing of all contracts. Thanks to our partnership with Oodrive Sign, contracts signed on the Staffmatch platform are 100% compliant with the European eIDAS regulation.

A tracking of every moment

Track your missions in real time


Follow the schedule of your temp workers in real time from the home page of your account.
Illustration presenting the “Calendar” feature.


Access the history of past and future missions in one click.
Illustration presenting the “Missions” feature.

Custom exports

Generate personalized reports from your account in just a few clicks.
Illustration presenting the “Exports” feature.
Illustration presenting the “Calendar” feature.
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A complete management tool

Access your detailed statistics

Staffmatch is the only interim agency to offer you
detailed and easily understandable statistics on your interim consumption: FTE, male/female parity, most used recourse cases, and much more. All of this is directly accessible from your Staffmatch account.

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recruit with Staffmatch?

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Candidates & temp workers
Being a Staffmatch temp worker

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