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Staffmatch supports you

By working with Staffmatch, you benefit from many exclusive advantages. The whole team is available to support you, from your professional training to opening a savings account, we do everything to make your life easier.

Combine freedom and security with 8% savings!

The Staffmatch Time Savings Account

With Staffmatch, you stay in control of your savings. Choose what amount you want to invest and have the freedom to withdraw your savings at any time, everything is done in a few clicks. For every account opening, Staffmatch offers you 30 euros, so don't wait any longer to benefit from it!

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Develop your skills

Staffmatch training

Since our creation, the development of the skills of our temporary workers has always been at the heart of our concerns. Our team is at your disposal to advise you on trainings that may suit you and allow you to gain in employability (CACES, electrical accreditation, B license, HACCP training, etc.). In addition, you will not have to pay anything, Staffmatch covers the entire cost of your training. We have already supported many temporary workers on certifying training courses, so why not you?

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Exclusive events in your local agency

Staffmatch events

We regularly organize events in our agencies for our most loyal temporary workers. These moments of sharing and conviviality are allowing to create links between temporary workers but also with the dedicated team of your nearest agency. Being a Staffmatch temp worker is also getting together and sharing to move forward together!

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Being a Staffmatch temp worker

Staffmatch allows you to work freely and provides you with many advantages and exclusives features.


Your digitized interim

Discover a new autonomous and dematerialized way of working.
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Staffmatch, interim group, declares its activity to DRIEETS (Regional Interdepartmental Directorate for Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity) in accordance with article R-124-1 of the Labor Code. Atradius is our financial guarantor ensuring salaries and social charges of temporary workers in case of default in accordance with article L-1251-50 of the Labor Code.
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Your digitized interim

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