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Work freely with Staffmatch

Staffmatch is rethinking the interim. From mission proposals to payslips, including signing your contracts, it has never been easier to work.

Thanks to your Staffmatch account, all your procedures are simplified

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My calendar

Fill your availabilities in your electronical calendar.
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My missions proposals

Receive your missions proposals directly.
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My missions

You have visibility on your upcoming missions.
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My shift reports

View and fill your shift reports online.
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Online signing

Sign all your documents directly on the platform.
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Administrative management

Receive your payslips and your administrative documents.
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Sponsor your friends and win €20 soon as they do their first mission.
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Thanks to your Staffmatch account, all your procedures are simplified

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IOS and Android mobile application

One app to master everything

With our Android and iOS applications, drive your interim missions from your mobile phone. Manage your schedule, check your missions and view your payslips.

An online account designed for you

Join us and get exclusive features!

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Apply to offers

Online contract signing-placeholder

Online contract signing

Previsionary salary-placeholder

Previsionary salary

Choose your advance amount online-placeholder

Choose your advance amount online

Manage your time savings account online-placeholder

Manage your time savings account online

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Win bonuses when sponsoring friends

Being a Staffmatch temp worker

Staffmatch allows you to work freely and provides you with many advantages and exclusives features.


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Join a temp agency designed for you.
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Your advantages

Look to the future with serenity thanks to a comprehensive support.
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Staffmatch, interim group, declares its activity to DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate for Enterprises, Competition, Consumption Labor and Employment) in accordance with article R-124-1 of the Labor Code. Atradius is our financial guarantor ensuring salaries and social charges of temporary workers in case of default in accordance with article L-1251-50 of the Labor Code.
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