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Administrative assistant

An administrative assistant plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of organizations by ensuring effective and orderly management of administrative tasks. This position requires precision, organization, and communication skills.
Job sheets
Administrative assistant

Missions: Administrative assistant

Temporary work for administrative assistants is particularly significant, offering companies the necessary flexibility to respond to workload variations, for temporary replacements, or during transition periods, while guaranteeing the continuity of essential administrative operations.
The missions of an administrative assistant include drafting correspondence, updating databases, filing documents, and managing calls and emails. This professional may also be responsible for welcoming visitors, organizing meetings, preparing specific files, and monitoring ongoing cases. They act as a liaison between different departments and may be required to perform basic accounting tasks, such as preparing invoices or tracking payments. Versatility and the ability to prioritize tasks are essential to succeed in this role.

Skills and training

A diploma from high school to two years of higher education in the administrative field, such as a professional baccalaureate in Management-Administration or a two-year technical degree as an Executive Assistant, is often recommended. Key skills include mastery of office practices, computer skills, and a good understanding of administrative processes.
With experience, an administrative assistant can advance to positions of responsibility such as administrative manager, executive assistant, or administrative head. Additional specific training can also lead to specializations in areas such as accounting, human resources, or project management.
Temporary work allows administrative assistants to gain varied experience by working in different sectors and types of companies, which enriches their resume and develops their adaptability. It offers the opportunity to learn new work methods, expand their professional network, and discover various organizational environments. Working temporarily can also offer greater flexibility in career choices and a better balance between professional and personal life. For employers, temporary work is an efficient solution to manage peaks in activity and absences, while assessing the skills of administrative assistants for possible permanent positions.
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